Most Popular Models

Model B3052 Walk-In Bathtub

Our top selling models. These walk in bathtubs are a perfect fit for 99% of bathrooms and users. It includes model # B3052 which is a slightly shorter tub for bathrooms with limited space, model # B3054 which is a standard tub suited for users up to 250 lbs and model # B3153 which is a little wider and suited to users up to 300 lbs.

Space Saver Models

Bliss B3048 Walk-In Bathtub

Our space saver models are perfect for those situations where space is limited. These models come as narrow as 26 inches and as short as 45 inches, so whether you have a narrow bathroom or just a narrow door to get through, one of these eight walk in bathtubs will be a perfect fit.

Specialty Models

B3237 Walk In Bathtub

Our specialty walk in bathtubs are designed with two very specific circumstances in mind: model # B3237 (pictured to the right) is built for bathrooms that can only accommodate a shower stall and not a full sized tub. Our other specialty model, B306022, is the shortest tub we offer and is designed for users who want a more traditional tub.

Extra Large Models

Bliss B3555 Walk-In Bathtub

These models are great for taller and heavier users with their wider seats and more ample leg room. These walk in tubs vary in size with a maximum width of 35 inches, maximum length of 60 inches and maximum height of 46 inches. The largest models we have to offer can accommodate users taller than 6′ and up to 400 lbs.

Wheelchair Accessible Models

Bliss B3052HC Walk-In Bathtub

Our wheelchair models are designed with extra-wide, outward swinging doors. They are perfect for users who need the ability to transfer seamlessly from a wheelchair or stool into their tub. We offer two wheelchair accessible tubs: one with a 30 inch width and one with a 32 inch width.