Bliss B3153 Walk-In Bathtub

Model B3153

Additional 1½ seat width. Works well for most users up to 300 lbs. in size.

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Bliss B3054 Walk-In Bathtub

Model B3054

Fits into conventional 60″ inch tub space. 6-inch extension kit closes the gap. Works well for most users up to 250 lbs. in size.

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Model B3052 Walk-In Bathtub

Model B3052

Additional 2″ soaking depth. For tight situations, this model typically works well.

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Each of our bathtubs comes packaged with the following standard accessories:

  • Extension kit designed to fill a standard 60-inch bathtub space
  • 5-piece, ADA-compliant, all-brass construction, chrome faucet set
  • 3/4 inch water supply capable of filling tub at 18 gallons-per-minute
  • Chrome-plated, ADA-compliant drain and overflow kit
  • Easy-to-use, cable-actuated stopper assembly
  • 1-1/2 inch drain which is compatible with nearly all reisdential plumbing
  • Ergonomic door handle and interior grab handle

Additionally, you have a choice between a right or left side door and drain orientation.

Spa Options

We offer three massage package options. Each package is equipped with an easy, senior friendly, electronic keypad. Additionally, each system component has been UL certified. Individual package features are listed below:

Air Massage System

  • Ceramic heating elements which warm the air to help maintain bath temperature
  • An incredibly quiet and multi-speed blower motor
  • 18 air jets

Hydromassage system

  • Energy efficient and ultra-quiet water pump
  • 10 directional water jets, each individually adjustable

Dual massage system

  • 16 air jets
  • 10 water jets
  • Includes all other features listed above

Optional Accessories

The following, optional accessories are available on request:

  • In-line water heater for our hydro and dual massage systems
  • Faucet sets in a variety of finishes
  • Adjustable height slide bar for the showerhead (also available in multiple finishes)
  • Thermostatic mixing/anti-scald valve
  • Custom designed shower curtain with L-shaped metal rod and hooks
  • VUV-powered Ozone Purification System
  • Aromatherapy system with essential oil kit
  • Chromatherapy 7-color light system
  • Seat-side end panel for 2-wall installations